Westermeerwind signs wind power supply agreement with Eneco

The Westermeerwind has signed a long-term purchase agreement with Eneco utility firm for wind energy.

As per the deal, Eneco will purchase all electricity generated by Westermeerwind located in Netherlands for a period of 15 years.

Westermeerwind wind farm will be constructed in the IJsselmeer waters. This will include 48 wind turbines of 3 MW each.

Completion of the plant is expected by mid-2016. The wind farm will be capable of producing wind energy for approx 160,000 homes.

Besides, by purchasing share or bonds, residents of Noordoostpolder, Urk and Lemsterland will get an opportunity to participate in the wind farm construction.

Further, Westermeerwind will be a part of the largest wind farm in Netherlands, Noordoostpolder. Eneco is engaged in similar agreement with NOP Agrowind also, again a part of Noordoostpolder.

In total, Eneco will be purchasing wind-generated electricity from 74 of the 86 wind turbines in Noordoostpolder having a joined capacity of 339 MW. This combined production is capable of supplying energy for 340,000 households.

For Eneco, this agreement is the largest PPA it has ever reached with a wind farm. Through this agreement Eneco has reached a wind power capacity of 144 MW.

Moreover, Eneco owns around 500 MW of the total contracted capacity, and the remaining are Power Purchase Contracts.

The return estimated from Westermeerwind is 567 GW hours and for NOP Agrowind, it is 600 GW hours.

Ventolines, wind energy service providers, has negotiated this contract on behalf of Westermeerwind.