Calgon Carbon awarded water and wastewater contract from Thames Water

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Greentech Lead America: Calgon Carbon Corporation and its European operating group, Chemviron Carbon, have won a contract from Thames Water (Thames), a provider of drinking water and wastewater services in the U.K.

The 10-year contract is awarded to reactivate spent activated carbon used to treat drinking water. The value of the contract is dependent upon the amount of carbon that is reactivated annually, which is expected to be approximately 11 million lbs (5,000 MT).

Chemviron Carbon will reactivate the spent carbon at its Tipton plant (Tipton) near Birmingham, U.K., following a $9.5-million renovation and expansion of the facility, which is expected to be completed in 2014.

The plant’s production capacity will be increased from approximately 13 million lbs (5,800 MT) to 18 million lbs (8,200 MT). Until the project is completed, Thames’s carbon will be reactivated at Chemviron Carbon’s facilities in Grays, UK and Feluy, Belgium.

Bob O’Brien, Calgon Carbon’s chief operating officer, added, “Because of Thames Water’s ongoing commitment to provide high quality drinking water to their customers, Calgon Carbon and Thames have a relationship that spans decades.”