Sierra Leone signs 6MW Freetown Solar Park project in West Africa

Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone, West Africa has signed a loan deal for 6MW Freetown solar park project as part of International Renewable Energy Agency / Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (IRENA / ADFD) financing facility.

This Freetown solar park project will target urban and western rural districts around the capital, Freetown. Sierra Leone got the first call for proposals for the IRENA / ADFD financing scheme.

Dr Kaifala Marah, minister, finance and economic development, Sierra Leone said, “ASIC/OGI will facilitate co-financing and management of the project in collaboration with the ministry of energy.”

The USD 18 million clean energy projects include institutional and critical human resource arrangements for sustainable management of the facility.

The ADFD allocated USD 9 million as part funding to the Government of Sierra Leone and ASIC/OGI provided additional USD 9 million as private equity.

The project will place Sierra Leone on the global map of renewable energy and strengthen the relationship between the Governments of Sierra Leone and the United Arab Emirates.