HYXiPOWER @ SNEC event in Shanghai

Zhejiang Hyxi Technology @ nternational Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition

Zhejiang Hyxi Technology, a provider of smart energy solutions, recently unveiled its strategy during the 16th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC) held in Shanghai.

HYXiPOWER’s strategic roadmap places emphasis on market diversification, advancing research and development in photovoltaic application markets, fostering innovation in smart energy solutions, and enhancing product quality and services to deliver superior solutions to clients globally.

HYXiPOWER showcased a range of new products during the three-day SNEC exhibition. These included inverters for various application scenarios, catering to both residential and commercial needs, energy storage systems addressing the challenges of new energy instability, charging solutions, and a smart energy management platform integrating all products and solutions across different terminals to provide an optimal user experience.

Innovation and research and development form the cornerstone of HYXiPOWER’s strategic roadmap. Leveraging the expertise of their R&D team, which encompasses a wealth of experience, the company aims to develop safe, reliable, efficient, and accessible products and systems. These endeavors are empowered by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms, battery management systems (BMS), energy management systems (EMS), and power electronics topology.

HYXiPOWER’s laboratories hold accreditations from CNAS and CTF2 bi IEC, and their products have undergone rigorous testing and certification by renowned institutions, including TUV, CSA, BV, and SGS. The company boasts over 50 core technologies and was recognized as the New Enterprise of the Year at the 2022 China PV Industry Forum.