EnSave and Ecology and Environment to launch farm energy management service


EnSave  and Ecology and Environment to launch farm energy management service

By Greentech
Lead Team: EnSave and Ecology and Environment will launch the Landscape
Agricultural Energy Management Plan (Landscape AgEMP), a new service for

The Landscape
AgEMP is an audit of energy uses on farm landscapes such as tillage,
harvesting, and waste management. The audits quantify farm energy use and
provide cost-effective recommendations to achieve farm production goals while
utilizing energy efficiently.

are a lot of farmers who want to be able to continue to produce their crops and
other farm products while reducing costs and increasing their energy
independence. The EnSave/E & E partnership is here to assist them,”
said Craig Metz, EnSave
President and CEO.

Landscape AgEMP provides farmers with choices that meet farm production needs
while using energy with efficiency. Landscape AgEMP customers can use these
audits to tap into federal programs to help underwrite plan implementation such
as the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS’s) Environmental
Quality Incentives Program.

EnSave is a
provider of farm energy audits and farm energy management plans. E & E is employing
over 1,150 respected experts in 85 engineering and scientific disciplines in 59
offices around the globe.

Landscape AgEMP service is available, in time for USDA program sign-up for FY

the standards to conduct landscape AgEMPs were created a few years ago, this
service has not been widely available. EnSave and E & E will provide this
service in a limited number of states initially, but plan to expand it to most
states and the Caribbean basin,” says David Weeks, E & E‘s Project
Manager for Landscape Agricultural Energy Management Planning.