USaveLED’s WalaLight wins Innovation Award at 2014 LINK LTC

USaveLED, supplier for LED lighting products, has received the first place award in the annual Lincoln Healthcare LINK Long-Term Care and Senior Living Conference’s Innovation Competition.

USaveLED was presented the 2014 Innovation Award in recognition of the invention of the neo-natural WalaLight System, a revolutionary lighting technology.

This LED lighting system is designed to deliver the suitable light at various times of the day and night to produce a biological and behavioral benefit.


With the help of smart Kelvin-changing technology the light can be adjusted between bright white or warm that affect sleep, alertness, performance, behaviors and health.

This way, the WalaLight System is effective for individuals including elderly, students, prisoners and shift workers.

This lighting system that utilizes an energy-efficient, innovative LED technology to provide neo-natural light essential for brain and body function is still awaiting the patent.

The innovation was based on a brain research recognizing a connection between natural sunlight exposure and the secretion of hormones controlling daily body functions.

This Light System is an ambient one designed to deliver the light spectrum required by brain to control functions properly. Walalight is a significant innovation in lighting since the discovery of the light bulb, stated, Rodney Smith, CTO, USaveLED.

Besides, the USaveLED’s WalaLight System is cost-effective and the fixtures come with a life span of 50,000 hours, equating to a 12 year lifespan if used for 12 hours daily.

The scientists and engineers worked together in R&D to make the best lighting system possible to adjust a human’s circadian rhythm, explains, Harry Zuker, CEO, USaveLED.

In addition, the Light System is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These lights can be sunken, flush-mounted or suspended and can be fixed on ceilings and walls and adjust dimness and color with remote control access.

The LINK conference was held in Chicago from July 13-15, 2014.