Protectionist trade policies should give way to climate-friendly measures

National governments should take a closer look at the ways in which trade can help spread the use of green technologies and therefore to...

Public group calls for ban on pollinator toxic products from Amazon

Over 30 environmental and public health groups, joined by several environmentally conscious businesses, sent a letter today to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, urging him to remove products...
Climate change Paris

Paris Climate agreement to take effect in 30 days: UN

The Paris Agreement on climate change is expected to enter into force in 30 days after it crossed "the second and final threshold" needed...

COP22: Least developed, island nations call for greater action

The island nations, least developed and developing countries on Thursday voiced their concerns and worse fears on climate change, and reminded the developed countries...
Climate change impact

Climate change pushing Asia towards doom: ADB

Much of Asia may see 50 percent more rainfall due to climate change, though countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan may experience a decline in...




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