Vestas wins order for Wohrden repowering project in Germany

Vestas V155-3.3 MW wind turbine

Vestas has secured a 42 MW order from Repowering Wohrden Poolgesellschaft and Windkraft Looft Persenweg for the Wohrden repowering project in Schleswig Holstein, Germany.

Vestas will supply, install and service seven V162-6.0 MW turbines, replacing the 25 legacy turbines currently powering the site, which will increase the energy output and extend the lifetime of the project site with Vestas’ best-in-class EnVentus platform while reducing the number of turbines on site.

The repowering project will be serviced by Vestas under a 20-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement, providing power performance certainty and Vestas’ service expertise throughout the lifetime of the project.

“The repowering of the Wohrden project is an excellent example of repowering projects driving the clean energy transition. By moving towards more advanced technology the new project will increase the annual clean energy output dramatically at lower cost and on the same land footprint as before,” said Jens Kuck, VP Sales Central at Vestas Northern & Central Europe.

“We are repowering 25 old wind turbines in this project. We are convinced that with Vestas’ V162-6.0 MW we have chosen the best technology for our project and are starting a long partnership with the Vestas team,” says Olaf Nicolaisen for Repowering Wohrden Poolgesellschaft and Andreas Thomas for Windkraft Looft Persenweg.

Vestas will start the delivery of wind turbines for the Wohrden repowering project in the first quarter of 2023, while commissioning will be in the second quarter of 2023.