Germany achieves 1GW milestone in offshore wind portfolio

German Offshore wind energy market has exceeded 1 GW mark in 2014, reports Deutsche WindGuard.

To date, Germany had installed 258 offshore wind turbines, with a total capacity of 1,049.2 MW.

In 2014, 142 turbines totaling 528.9 MW were grid connected, which recorded more than 50 percent increase over 2013.

Besides, another 268 turbines with a capacity of 1,218.1 MW that have completed construction are waiting for grid connection.

photo evwind
photo evwind

Deutsche WindGuard in cooperation with VDMA Power Systems, the German Energy Association (BWE), the Wind Energy Agency (WAB) and the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation (SOW) has published the report.

For the first time in German offshore wind portfolio, the barrier of 1 Gigawatt has been surpassed corresponding to an investment amount of around 4 billion euros.

In addition, turbine, foundation and grid technology exports are also in the billion-euro range.

By 2015 Germany expects this capacity to outperform 2 gigawatts, which will hit a total of some 3 gigawatts by the end of 2015 corresponding to an investment of 10 billion euros in the domestic market.

German operators claim that the revised EEG that came into effect in August 2014 has triggered this substantial investment.

The EEG 2014 provided an outline for the scheduled expansion of the offshore wind industry, stimulating more added values in Germany, an increase in exports and securing jobs throughout the decade until 2020.

The milestone is proof that the German offshore wind industry is well positioned in the international market, according to experts.

By 2020, Germany aims for 35 percent of power to come from renewables and by 2050 the target for renewables electricity is 80 percent of national power supply.

Sabeena Wahid