Su-Kam Power Systems unveils solar home lighting system

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Su-Kam solar home lighting system

Greentech Lead Asia: Su-Kam Power Systems, a provider of power back-up solutions in India, has launched Su-Kam Solar Home Lighting System.

The lightweight and compact system can be used for lighting purposes as well as multiple domestic applications like playing radio, charging mobile, etc.

The noise free system can operate on both solar as well as grid power. Su-Kam Solar Home Lighting System comes with Inbuilt Battery (7.2Ah/12V) and Charge Controller and can light up 2 LED lamps.

Solar Home Lighting System uses a solar panel to charge the battery and has three different modes of operation: Auto Mode, Manual Mode and OFF Mode. In auto mode LED lights will automatically light up in the evening and turn off in the morning however, mobile charger or radio will work independent of sunlight.

In manual mode LED lights & Mobile Charger or Radio will be on or off according to switch position. In OFF mode if sunlight is available then it will charge the battery and if sunlight or grid charger is not available it will switch off the system.

Su-Kam solar home lighting system

Speaking on the launch of this product, Kunwer Sachdev, managing director, Su-Kam Power Systems, said, “We are constantly evaluating solar applications in order to reach a wider customer base at the grass root levels as well. The solar powered Home Lighting System is an ideal domestic solution designed to meet the lighting requirements of a household.”

Su-Kam Solar Home Lighting System is available nationally through Su-Kam’s extensive dealer network.

The solar home lighting system is part of the company’s efforts to focus on eco-friendly inexhaustible energy solutions like solar power.