Nextracker to make solar trackers at BCI Steel unit

Pattern Energy’s Futtsu Solar Power Facility in Futtsu-shi, Chiba, Japan

Nextracker, a leader in solar trackers, has selected BCI Steel to produce solar tracker equipment for solar power plants at the Bethlehem Steel manufacturing factory in nearby Leetsdale.

The steel processing plant will incorporate both BCI Steel’s reshored equipment shipped to the U.S. from factories in Malaysia and Brazil. Solar tracker products produced at the factory will serve solar markets in Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, and Ohio.

This is the third solar tracker fabrication line Nextracker has commissioned with a steel manufacturing partner in 2022.

Nextracker is building out 10 GW of Made in America manufacturing capacity — enough to power 7.5 million homes.

Earlier this year, Nextracker opened a green steel tracker production line in Texas with JM Steel, and another dedicated steel production line in Arizona with Atkore.

Nextracker has already procured over 100,000 tons of U.S.-made steel so far this year, enough for approximately 5 GW of solar trackers.