Building Turbines establishes new renewable energy division “EcruosA”


Building Turbines establishes new renewable energy division \


By GreenTech
Lead Team:
Building Turbines, a designer and manufacturer of
commercial rooftop wind turbine systems and other renewable energy
technologies, announced it is diversifying to renewable energy market. The
company has established a new renewable energy division “EcruosA.”

EcruosA will develop and market technologies that
increase the efficiency of electrical power sources, including Building
Turbines’ own horizontal-axis wind turbine.

Building Turbines Founder and CEO
John Graham said, “The EcruosA operation perfectly complements the mission
of Building Turbines, in that we strive to capture and utilize energy from
non-traditional sources, make more efficient and mitigate the high cost of
traditional power sources, and help reduce our community’s carbon footprint

Through its renewable energy wing, the company will
promote the development of revolutionary, renewable energy technologies and
products that advance the use of limitless and untapped energy sources that are
clean, green and environmentally responsible.

Initially, the company will focus on developing licensed
applications for the medical, solar, lighting and battery industries with
follow-on plans to address the residential and commercial energy needs up to
and including large scale utility power generation.

Building Turbines has also initiated a research to
quantify the benefits of several new products that could potentially increase
electrical efficiency by 30 percent or more on virtually any electrical source.
 Some early tests have demonstrated
efficiencies that have exceeded the 50 percent mark.

Meanwhile Lucintel recently revealed that the
wind turbine market has experienced significant growth over the last five years
and will reach approximately $96 billion by 2016 with a CAGR of 12 percent over
the next five years for annual installations.