GreenRock Rare Earth Recovery acquires BluBox rare earth processing technology


GreenRock Rare Earth Recovery acquires BluBox rare earth processing technology

By Greentech Lead Team; GreenRock Rare Earth Recovery,
and its partner Creative Recycling Technologies, announced the acquisition of
Swiss developed BluBox Rare Earth Processing Technology. The system was
manufactured by BLUBOX Trading AG and is the best available technology in the
world for the recovery of heavy rare earth elements.

This acquisition enables GreenRock and Creative Recycling Technologies to bring world
leading rare earth recovery technology to the United States. With the deal,
GreenRock has the exclusive rights to the technology in the United

“GreenRock and Creative Recycling are making a
significant investment in world leading technology, bringing true e-cycling
solutions to the US. We are very excited about our new technology’s ability to
address a major challenge of the electronics recycling industry, the processing
and recovery of these strategically important rare earth materials,” said Jon
Yob, CEO and founder of Creative Recycling Systems.

The BluBox  technology separates and recovers
the heavy rare earth elements from a multitude of commercial and consumer
end-of-life electronics in the most environmentally safe manner. Recycling of
these rare earth elements will provide a much needed alternative supply.

GreenRock plans to place the BluBox systems across the
country over the next couple of years. In addition to the positive
environmental impact, the new GreenRock facilities will create hundreds of new