BC Bioenergy Network invests in Cedar Road Bioenergy to support expansion


BC Bioenergy Network invests in Cedar Road Bioenergy to support expansion

Greentech Lead Team: BC Bioenergy Network has invested $200,000 in Cedar Road
Bioenergy to support the Phase 2 expansion of the Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre.

investment will support the installation of a gas storage system which will
improve the revenues and income for the $4 million facility, paying the way for
incremental expansion to improve the integrated bioenergy benefits and energy
utilization at the centre.

111 jobs will be created throughout the three year Phase 2 construction phase
and another 8 full time ongoing operation positions.

amendments to existing agreements and required permits have been approved and
the project has now commenced.

encourage collaboration amongst BC’s best and brightest technology suppliers,
the Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre hosted an Innovators Networking Meeting on
September 21, 2011 in Vancouver to explore opportunities to demonstrate BC
innovations in biogas fuel storage, cleaning equipment, compression and
processing for transportation fuel, wireless billing platforms for fuel and
electricity purchase and district heating applications including waste heat

are committed to supporting innovative energy solutions like this that help us
to convert landfill waste to gas to produce clean energy. Projects like the
Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre help create jobs while reducing emissions,” said
Rich Coleman, Minister of Energy and Mines.

on the success of the deployment of the landfill-gas to electricity first
phase, BC Bioenergy Network is pleased to make a second investment in Cedar
Road Bioenergy Inc. and the Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre,” said Michael
Weedon, executive director of the BC Bioenergy Network.

commercial viability through implementing a gas storage solution and developing
a next phase district energy application is an important step in the ongoing
leadership demonstrated by the Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre in municipal waste –
energy solutions.

are fortunate to have partners that understand the focus, commitment, and
accountability required to manoeuvre through challenges and to implement
innovative solutions for commercial success,” said Paul Liddy, managing
director of Cedar Road Bioenergy Inc. and one of the three partners in the
Nanaimo Bioenergy Centre.