Solutia showcases advanced solar control, range extension technologies


Solutia showcases advanced solar control, range extension technologies

By Greentech
Lead Team
: Solutia, a performance materials and specialty chemicals company, will
demonstrate Saflex S series advanced solar absorbing polyvinyl butyral (PVB)
interlayers and XIR reflective film products at 2012 SAE Hybrid and Electric
Vehicle Symposium February 21 to February 24, held in California.

The company
will showcase both heat-reducing technologies for automotive laminated glass
applications during the four-day event. Both product technologies will reduce
the rate of the sun heats up a vehicle by preventing solar energy from
penetrating vehicle glass without sacrificing driver visibility.

Solutia solar
control products can be used in automotive glazing applications including the
windscreen, sunroof, back lites and side laminate applications.

reflective films and Saflex S series interlayers provide cost-effective
opportunities to extend range in hybrid electric and pure electric
vehicles,” said Tom Selm, global business director for Solutia’s Advanced
Interlayers division.

A/C use on a
pure electric vehicle can decrease its driving range by 15 to 40 percent. XIR
reflective films and Saflex S series
solar absorbing interlayers, can reduce cabin temperatures by 13 to 26 degrees
Fahrenheit. By reducing the significant A/C power draw, more power can be made
available for additional electronic features.

laminated glass incorporating XIR film and Saflex S series technologies can
provide improved cabin comfort, fuel efficiency and CO2 emission reductions on
internal combustion (ICE) vehicles.

OEMs can receive EPA credit for using these technologies due to reduced
emissions from increased ICE efficiency.

the current focus on developing high fuel economy hybrid and electric vehicles,
the energy load of the A/C system is of increasing significance. This increased
range performance reduces consumers’ current ‘range anxiety’ and improves
start/stop functionality of the vehicle, extending battery life,” said Matthew
Rose, automotive market manager for Solutia’s Advanced Interlayers division.

OEMs have adopted new onboard comfort and convenience features, such as active
sensors, telematics and connectivity options. These options also draw power
from a finite source, further limiting range.