The futuristic new Tesla D electric car unveiled

Tesla has launched an advanced edition of hottest electric car Tesla D, adding to its series of sport utility vehicle.

The new car was displayed at an event in Los Angeles on 9th Oct. It consist of an acceleration range of 0-100kph in less than three seconds and a separate motor for each pair of wheels to making an all-wheel drive.

New features include self-driving technology that provide high level safety vehicles with automatic speed adjusting after reading the limit exhibited on road signs.

The proposal was chalked out last year by Tesla leaders for a high-speed transport system that will travel 350 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes.

Tesla Mystery Announcement

The acceleration of this model is similar to that of Audi RS7 and the Mercedes E63, placed among other fastest cars in the world. The Model S saloons reach 60mph in 5.4 seconds.

The autopilot included in Tesla vehicles is able for long-range detection of objects ahead. The technology was capable of a much higher level of autonomy but reliability was not yet at satisfied level for a free self-driving.

Tesla has predicted that within three years, its cars will be able to manage 90 per cent of their driving without human intervention.

In addition to features like self-parking, self-driving there is lane-tracking technology with a sound warning for vehicles that stray away from a lane without human guidance.