Bright Automotive to spur development of alternative energy technology


Bright Automotive to spur development of alternative energy technology

Greentech Lead Team:
Bright Automotive, a plug-in hybrid electric
vehicle manufacturer, announced it is ready to create jobs and spur the
development of alternative energy technology by processing its loan application
under the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing
(ATVM) Program.

loans are supporting companies like Bright Automotive in advancing proven
technologies and creating good jobs to help small business owners improve their

loans enable automotive companies to lead America forward towards energy
independence, better national security and an improved environment; creating
 thousands of American jobs in the process. This is exactly what the
President is calling for tonight and Bright Automotive is ready, willing and able
to answer that challenge for our country,” said
Mike Donoughe, Bright Automotive COO. 

Automotive is developing the Bright IDEA vehicle, a plug-in hybrid electric
commercial van.  The vehicle delivers unprecedented fuel economy and
utility while lowering the total cost of ownership. The Bright Idea PHEV will
save $4,000 to $5,000 in fuel costs annually.  

Federal and state government and public service fleets totaling more than
400,000 vehicles will be alternatively-fuelled in the next few years, it
represents literally billions of dollars in fuel costs saved for taxpayers.

Bright IDEA vehicle will be developed in Rochester Hills, Michigan, while its
hybrid electric powertrain will be engineered in Anderson, Indiana and it will
be assembled in Indiana manufacturing facility. These new operations will
create more than 2,500 direct and indirect jobs and will be 100 percent

Bright Automotive recentlyentered into an agreement for AM General to be Bright’s exclusive North
American assembler for the Bright IDEA vehicle platform.

Bright IDEA is an all-new, plug-in hybrid electric work-truck which uses
innovative technologies to provide businesses with a powerful new economic
solution focused on the lowest total cost of ownership.