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Empower Energies commissions solar electric vehicle charging station for McCluskey Chevrolet

Greentech Lead America: Empower Energies announced the completion and commissioning of a new Solar Electric Vehicle  (EV) Charging Station at McCluskey Chevrolet at the King's Automall in Cincinnati, Ohio. The...
Tesla showroom in New Jersey

Tesla shows 55pc growth last fiscal

Tesla has registered a 55 percent growth rate year on year by selling 31,655 of its sedan Model S in 2014. It is reportedly...

Ford unveils industry’s first pursuit-rated hybrid police car

Ford has unveiled the all-new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, the second of 13 new electrified vehicles the company plans to introduce in the...

EVgo reduces price for its EV DC fast charging stations

EVgo, a provider of public electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging stations, announced new pricing for its charging solutions. The new pricing includes two options:...
Tesla showroom in New Jersey

Tesla to cut production hours for Model S and Model X cars

Tesla said on Wednesday it is reducing production hours for higher-priced Model S and Model X cars. Earlier, Tesla said it would cut jobs as...

Battered oil demand faces threat from electric vehicles

Oil companies may be facing uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic triggers a collapse in demand for their products, but auto makers are betting the...

Nissan drive to clean up London with world’s first car-powered graffiti

Nissan is highlighting London’s air pollution and its means of fighting the issue using an electric Nissan LEAF to power a street art piece...
Tesla Model S electric vehicle

Battery cars better than fuel cells to cut emissions

New York, Nov 15 (IANS) Electric vehicles that run on batteries are a better choice for reducing emissions than vehicles that run on hydrogen...

Duke Energy funds second truck electrification project in NC

Duke Energy announced it is funding its second truck electrification project in North Carolina. The $320,000 project will use electricity to power trucks and refrigeration...
Envision Solar

Envision Solar supplies EV ARC to California Parks and Recreation.

Envision Solar International, a provider of energized EV charging solutions, announced it has delivered EV ARC products to the California Department of Parks and...




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