This World Environment Day, make an effort to reconnect with nature

Abha and Sanjeev Singh are a well-off couple living with all the luxuries and comfort. Still, there is a feeling of something amiss. And...

House of Lords to investigate economics of the UK energy market

The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee has today launched a new inquiry into the economics of the UK energy market. Over the last decade...

India bats for adequate, predictable climate finance

India on Wednesday batted for easy access to adequate and predictable climate finance to developing countries to meet their commitments to reduce carbon footprint...

Kyocera wins Japan Environment Ministry’s award again

Kyocera announced that its Hokkaido Kitami Plant has received Japan’s 2017 Environment Minister’s Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity. This is the eighth consecutive year...

Energy Trilemma Index: Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden achieve AAA score

Access to electricity and clean cooking has improved for the 125 Index countries to 85 percent and 74 percent respectively since 2000, says the...

Honeywell’s suggestions to emissions control in Indian Aviation industry

Siddharth Sen, Strategy and Marketing director – India, Honeywell Aerospace, discusses the importance of energy efficiency and climate conservation in Aviation.  What is the current...

US announces new greenhouse gas commitments

Citing talks with India, China and Brazil to reduce the use and emissions of greenhouse gases known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the White House announced...

Americans need to be educated on climate policies: survey

While Americans view air and water pollution as the most worrying environmental issues, they are quite less concerned about their over consumption, says a...

Ecological degradation of Rohtang a manmade disaster: NGT chief

He has since his childhood seen the ecological degradation of the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh -- which remains snowbound for over six months...
green city

Bengaluru leads as green city: Survey

Bengaluru has been ranked as the top green city and environmentally responsible city owing to the spike in demand for solar as well as...




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